Resume Review Sessions
Monday, February 21, 2022

Now is your chance to improve your resume!

This event offers a chance to have a JMU alumni review your resume and provide feedback to increase your chances of finding an internship or job.


  • Be sure to sign-up for an interview slot after completing your registration on Handshake.

  • The resume review will last for 20 minutes.

  • Please upload your resume when you register, so the reviewer has access to it.

  • We will try our best to pair you with an alumni in your preferred sector of interest.

  • Deadline to register is on February 21 at 10am.

IMPORTANT: If at any time you can no longer attend your resume review, you must cancel your interview on Handshake, so another student has an opportunity.

End of Year Challenge

We are featuring a NEW scholarship for our annual End of the Year Challenge!  The JMU POSC Department Transfer Scholarship will be designed to ease a portion of the financial stress faced by incoming students.  Enrollment data verifies that transfer students are more diverse than their four-year peers; supporting this cause enables JMU to compete for the best student recruits, thereby increasing the value of a JMU education, while expanding and diversifying our alumni network.


We strive to “BE THE CHANGE” – what better way to exemplify our motto than by opening a door for a future Duke?  Your generosity will be inherited by the next generation of JMU students.  Shared kindness is imbued on JMU’s campus; it is critical we continue to pass it on.  Our humanity is what sets us apart from so many other institutions.


The Transfer Student Scholarship is a need-based award that assists students transferring to JMU for their final two years of study.  The scholarship will cover $1,500 of tuition for one year, and is renewable for one additional year.

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